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Turnstyle Designs

Handcrafted, luxury door & cabinet hardware designed in the UK, made to the very highest standards. Turnstyle designs gives you the possibility to design your own high quality handles by using some of turnstyles’ standard items and modifying the material, grips or finish according to your preference.

Click here for the catalog. 

Below only a small selection of the 40.000 possibilities.

Stylish door, cabinet and window handles completely handmade!

How to create your own design?


  1. Find your product by clicking on the tab "Products" and scrolling down the list or enter the article number in the search field

  2. Start creating your own design by changing the grip & metal finishes on your left side of the screen, you will now see your product in the finishes of your choice.

  3. You can easily save a pdf with the technical specifications, use the button "Pdf specification"

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